The purpose of my writing is just to put on record my appreciation for a fine looking building – from the moment I saw the lower stages of the frame being erected I knew that it was a worthwhile project.

P Griffith-Jones, Marlborough, Wiltshire

Timber frame building in Scotland

Company history

With a thirty year pedigree, Carpenter Oak & Woodland is one of the most experienced oak framing companies in the UK.

Carpenter Oak & Woodland is part of a building tradition that reaches back hundreds of years, yet is as relevant today as it’s ever been.

Thirty years and growing

We were founded in 1987 by Charley Brentnall, a leading expert in oak framing, opening our Chippenham location with the original goal of creating traditional-style oak framed houses (along with other timbers such as Douglas Fir). While that remains a large part of what we do, we’ve also developed an equal reputation for building more contemporary structures. These include far more than homes: we’ve built churches, schools, offices, bridges and visitor centres, amongst other things. In so doing, we’ve grown steadily, building not only oak frames – but also an enviable reputation.

Developing leading-edge skills

The bespoke nature of our business means that we’re always pushing back the boundaries of oak frame construction. As such, we’re often commissioned to build technically challenging timber framed buildings, which are exemplary in showcasing the versatility of timber in construction.

Expansion into Scotland

Just over a decade from our inception, in 1999 we opened our location in Angus, to enable us to better service the Scottish market – growing a permanent team in Scotland that’s skilled in the local architectural vernacular and its construction techniques.

Leaders in conservation

The UK has a long history of oak frame construction – including houses, barns and castles, many of which are hundreds of years old. As one of the most experienced oak framing companies Carpenter Oak & Woodland has been commissioned to undertake conservation work on many of these priceless buildings with renowned heritage bodies – The National Trust, English Heritage, Land Mark Trust and Heritage Scotland, to preserve them for future generations.