The purpose of my writing is just to put on record my appreciation for a fine looking building – from the moment I saw the lower stages of the frame being erected I knew that it was a worthwhile project.

P Griffith-Jones, Marlborough, Wiltshire

Chris Masters

Chris Masters

Estimating Manager

Chris is the production manager at Carpenter Oak & Woodland and is responsible for the smooth progress of many of our projects.

He started his life with timber in 1979 when he entered a four-year apprenticeship in carpentry, joinery and machining. Following a period with a local joinery company Chris joined us in 1994 as a timber framer. He quickly rose through the ranks to assistant team leader and by 1998 was leading a team of his own.

In 2012 Chris was promoted to Production Manager and then to Estimating Manager in 2015 and is highly experienced with craftspeople, with proven project management capabilities and excellent communication skills.

Chris plays a pivotal role during design and construction, is assigned to a project at its conception and remains responsible for it at all stages through to its completion.