Oak Framed House Pricing Guide

Oak  framed house

How much does it cost to build an oak framed house, we get this question all the time?  To help clear up any confusion we have created the “Oak framed Housing Pricing Guide” We hope you will find the information useful for your Oak House project.

In this guide we cover:

  • Oak frame price per square metre
  • Price for key features in the house to be Oak
  • Price for all the timber in the house to be Oak
  • Total build price for an Oak Framed House

          Oak Framed House Pricing Guide


The framing element of this will be entirely dependent on the amount of oak frame in the building and its design. Sometimes the whole building will be oak framed, other times just key features like the entrance hall and living areas, conservatory or kitchen. When we have some idea of the frame concept, we can advise on the likely cost.