The purpose of my writing is just to put on record my appreciation for a fine looking building – from the moment I saw the lower stages of the frame being erected I knew that it was a worthwhile project.

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Oak Framed House Pricing Guide

Oak framed house pricing guide

How much does it cost to build an oak framed house or extension? This is quite rightly one of the most commonly asked questions and one that is very difficult to answer. Every frame is individually designed and largely dependent on the amount of time it takes the carpenters to craft the oak frame in the workshops. This depends on the number of individual timbers in the oak frame and the number and complexity of the joints. Essentially, this means that size isn’t terribly important; a small intricate frame with lots of features and character may well cost more to build an oak framed house or extension than a simple frame twice its size. What this does mean is that we can usually design a frame to suit a budget. Our skill and experience means we can work with you to meet both your aesthetic and budgetary needs.

The oak frame itself can be a significant component of the overall cost of an oak framed house, however, in practice, it may affect the total cost less than the specification of the interior and exterior finishes and things like the kitchen and bathrooms. It is worth bearing in mind that a frame is an essential structural element, as well as a beautiful thing making small spaces feel larger and large spaces more dramatic.

Oak framed house pricing guide

As a guide for the cost for a bespoke oak framed house, you should allow for between £1,300 and £2,100 per square meter. This is just a guide price for the whole build – the oak frame will amount to approx 20% of this cost. Of course, sums much higher than this can be spent if desired, and simple living can reduce the bill! The framing element of this will be entirely dependent on the amount of oak frame in the building and its design. Sometimes the whole building will be oak framed, other times just key features like the entrance hall and living areas, conservatory or kitchen. When we have some idea of the frame concept, we can advise on the likely cost.

Here are a couple of examples of pricing for an oak frame:

Example one shows you can really scale down the frame but still get the character of the oak frame. In Example two you want to go for something more elaborate where you have visible frame in each room then you can do so. Often our customers go for something in between.

Example one

Number of timbers: 228

Total square meter: 28

Cost of frame: £53,500

Total build cost: £250,000 – £310,000

how much does an oak frame cost
how much does an oak frame cost

Example two

Number of timbers: 86

Total square meter: 28

Cost of frame: £25,000

Total build cost: £220,000 – £280,000


how much does an oak frame cost
how much does an oak frame cost

The examples above need some explaining. The frame cost is very much dependent on how much framing you want in your new home. The total build cost is variable depending on area (the south for example is generally more expensive in terms of labour), internal finish (type of kitchen, bathroom and so on) and external finish. We are happy to advise on all of these variables when you’re looking to build your own oak framed home.

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