Esther and I would like to pass on our thanks for all the hard work, commitment and effort that you put into our project. Out of all the builders and various trades that we have had to deal with your company has been the best on every front.

Robert and Esther Shipp, Chippenham, Wiltshire

Oak framed houses

From initial concepts to detailed plans we can be your expect consultants to design and build your perfect oak frame house.

Better oak frames, by design

Our unmatched expertise enables us to get more from a oak framed house – more beauty, better performance and greater value.

Bespoke timber frame home joining workDesigned to fit superbly

An oak frame house isn’t an item in itself: it’s an integrated part of a greater whole. It has to take into account the owners’ preferences, along with what the site and its surrounding environment offers. So, we don’t design oak framed houses in isolation – they’re the end result of a careful, collaborative process between us, you and your team. Because we know what makes an oak framed house work really well, our contribution helps you to get far more from the frame – matching it more precisely to their goals.

Bespoke timber frame homeUnparalleled craftsmanship

A great deal of oak’s beauty is in its individuality. Computer-controlled cutting machines are precise, but create a sterile uniformity that can rob a frame of its character – one of the reasons we don’t use them, and never will. Our craftsmen find the best way to cut the wood, exploiting each timber’s natural qualities. This doesn’t just result in superior-looking oak framed houses, but also one which performs better over time. Depending on the frame, we’ll employ traditional jointing techniques or perhaps harmoniously marry the timber to a more modern material, such as glass or steel.

Bespoke timber frame home bedroomDesigned for modern living

Choosing a traditional constructional material such as green oak doesn’t mean you’re boxed into creating an old-fashioned living space. We design and build oak framed houses which are designed for the way we live today, offering a better living space, often at a lower cost. We collaborate with clients to show how different kinds of timber frames might work, helping them to develop their ideas and explore options through drawings and 3D walkthroughs. Check out our gallery for more examples of our work.

Bespoke timber frame homeGreat oak framed house design costs less, not more

Great design transforms the commonplace into the breathtaking. Oak frame house design is one of our most specialist core skills. Our designers work with you and your architect to create an oak framed house that fits your plans and budget perfect. Yes, great design does take a little time – but not only does it deliver stunning aesthetics, it can reduce overall costs, by optimising a customer’s budget and focusing it where it matters most.

Working with your team

It’s vital for the success of any oak frame building project that all parties work together well.

Bespoke timber frame home

With over twenty-five years’ expertise, we’re adept at working with architects, engineers, project managers, plumbers, electricians and others to ensure that great balance between contributing expertise without impacting on another contractor. Indeed, our role in designing and building oak framed houses encompasses making life easier for customers and other contractors alike. Contact us on 01225 743089 or email us at to find out more.