Project Profile

Location: Pitlochry, Scotland

Building: Structural timber frame

Timber: Untreated Scottish Douglas fir with larch roof shingles

Architect: Robin Baker Architects

David Douglas Pavilion

The David Douglas pavilion at Pitlochry was built to commemorate the contribution of the famous Botanist David Douglas to Scottish Forestry; fittingly the pavilion went on to win the Wood Award in 2003.

Project profile

The David Douglas Pavilion was designed by Robin Baker Architects as a tribute to the world famous Scottish Botanist, best known as the namesake of douglas fir. David Douglas, the world famous plant hunter and explorer, raised awareness of sustainable home grown timber. The tribute, the David Douglas Pavilion is one of the key features in the explorers garden at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre in Perthshire, Scotland.

The David Douglas Pavilion was built for Pitlochry’s Scottish Plant Collectors Garden at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre and its design intended to be innovative and promote the use of home grown timber. The primary structure is unsurprisingly made entirely of untreated Scottish Douglas Fir which was of course locally sourced to Perthshire. The roof of the pavilion is clad in untreated, heartwood larch shingles whilst doors and windows are made from laminated Scottish oak. The floor is made up of ash and elm boarding. The pavilion was designed and built in collaboration the Gaia Group who were approached by Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Forest Industries Cluster Group because of their strong eco principles.

The David Douglas Pavilion, which is surrounded by stunning scenery of the Tummel Valley, has become quite the local attraction as well as a wedding venue.

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