Project Profile

Location: Newbury

Frame: Aisled arched braced truss

Timber: Oak

Architect: Ward Associates

Elmore Abbey oak framed chapel

The residents of Elmore Abbey wanted to add an oak framed chapel and colonnade to link several buildings.

Project profile

Elmore Abbey, formally home to the Anglican Benedictine monks, is a grand grade two listed Georgian property. The chapel was created as an addition to the monastery property in 1987. Elmore Abbey is based near Newbury, Berkshire and set within a conservation area.

Set within a tranquil environment a requirement of an oratory (a small chapel) was needed by the residents of Elmore Abbey – they chose a beautifully crafted oak framed building. The frame is an aisled arched braced truss which is a common style used in oak framed chapels. The oak rafters have been left exposed creating a natural ambience to the chapel. Carpenter Oak & Woodland also built the various screens that divide the space internally. Outside the roof has been created with oak shingle.

To connect the new oak framed chapel to the house we created a covered linked walkway. The impressive walkway was created using a colonnade of solid turned oak pillars.

in 2010 the Anglican Benedictine monastery sold the 19 bed build as it was just to big for the four remaining monks and was then converted to residential use, however the chapel still stands today as an impressive feature to the property.

We have built a number of religious buildings; St. Dominic’s Priory which also has a similar truss style, however it does have subtle and interesting differences, Rossyln Chapel which has an engineered roof and lastly Arbroath Abbey which has a curved timber frame roof – all of these examples have very different frames so please do take a look at the different styles.