Externally expressed oak framed house

One of the most loved features from our architectural past is the ‘half-timbering’ or externally expressed timber framed houses. Beautiful to look at and much in demand in new builds today, unfortunately their method of construction is a far cry from modern building methods and compliance with today’s regulations.

Project profile

New barn farm is a complete oak framed new build construction, however the oak frame you see on the external faces is a replica of the internal frame built in 54mm dry oak coverboards. This method of construction allows the internal frame to be completely wrapped in a continuous envelope to ensure the highest levels of weathertightness and thermal efficiency, while still enjoying the appearance of an authentic oak frame externally.

This is a stunning example of an externally expressed timber framed house and it certainly has bags of character and charm with traditional lime plastering and details galore – making this oak framed house a wonderful family home.

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