Project Profile

Location: Liverpool

Timber: Glulam with Stainless Steel connections

Architect: Design MAD

Liverpool Lime Street passenger lounge

What can you produce from 12 tonnes of steel and 12 tonnes of glulam timber?


This glue laminated structure with glue laminated ribs and steel connections was a challenge on a number of fronts but none more so than the erection process. The glulam timber frame was erected within the station canopy next to the main power lines for the trains. The main structural steel frame was particularly close to power lines which were shut down as a precaution on a Saturday night and Sunday morning between 12 midnight and 4.30am. All the materials had to be brought into the site after the last train had arrived at 11.20pm and the first train leaving at 4.30am.

No load in excess of 2 tonnes could be put on the station concourse. All heavy plant had to go over the railway line on a polystyrene bridge during the night shut down. A spider crane was used for the heavy lifting, and had to work to a very strictly controlled lifting plan using 14 different crane positions to avoid overhead obstructions.