Key facts

Architect: Brewer Jewel

Engineer: David Smith

Oak frame: £42,646

New contemporary build

Our clients had acquired a site that allowed them to live on site whilst their new home was built in front of their eyes, a very new contemporary build interpretation on the local aesthetic.

Project profile

The original plan had been for a steel frame for this new contemporary build given the span of the building desired. But after detailed consultation with us and the production of a 3D model, an oak frame was arrived at which would give the clients the open-plan living they desired via three central full-height cross frames and a fully raftered roof complete with five king post trusses.

The brief was expanded to include floor joists to the two first floor bays, additional wind bracing to prevent racking as well as the frames for two dormer windows in the cat-slide roof and the inclusion of “sprockets” all round the roof at eaves level. The benefit of this last “extra” gives the impression of a traditional roof build up, thus pleasing the Planners, but allows the building envelope to remain unbroken and thereby meeting modern Building Regulations on cold-bridging.

The main focal point of the project however, was the full height glazed entrance (photo). And it was this that caused the biggest problem with the planning application as there were initially objections to it. The sheer height of this (> 7m at it’s apex) required two single 6.5m posts – something which took the saw-mill a while to find to the suitable structural grade required to take the load that these members were designed to carry to create a stunning effect at this new contemporary build..