Oak-framed barn

Another award-winning barn conservation project by Carpenter Oak & Woodland, Charlton Court Barn is today used as a conference venue to deliver motivational courses and training.

Project profile

Charlton Court Barn is a lovely and still remarkably intact arcaded threshing barn dating from the early 15th century, with the timbers having been tree ring dated to 1404. Originally larger, it was later reduced in size with masonry walls to both gable ends, and today consists of 8 bays incorporating two large cart doors both on the west elevation.

The structure is quite unusual: the roof is shallower than might have been typical at 45 degrees, and the braces to the tie beams and arcade plates are particularly large. The roof trusses are the perhaps the most striking feature of the barn, the principle rafters supporting the purlins being curved into a king post which supports a ridge and braces into it, an arrangement that appears more French than English.

The barn was repaired under the auspices of English Heritage, and Carpenter Oak and Woodland designed and carried out the essential repairs to the frame, happily being able to retain the vast majority of the original timberwork with only minimum and unobtrusive intervention.

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