Project Profile

Frame: Hammer beam roof

Timber: Oak

hammer beam roof

Oak framed house with hammer beam roof

The hammer beam roof truss of this Aberdeenshire home really sets it apart from other properties and is a much loved project of ours.


Hammer beam trusses span large spaces very effectively because of their ability to transfer the forces of the frame and roof back to the main posts or masonry walls and is very ‘open’ in appearance. The hammer beam truss, which is a form of Gothic architecture, is actually a very unusual style and has always been thought of the elite style of truss and can normally be found in historic buildings. In actual fact this style of roof construction can also been seen in the Great Hall at Stirling Castle, another Carpenter Oak & Woodland project, as well as Westminster Hall and Hampton Court . You will be able to see this unusual frame far more clearly in the picture below of a model one of our carpenters made up of this build.

As well as the hammer beam roof this Scottish home also has a King post truss on the glazed end gable as well as ornamental wind braces. The unusual shape of the wind braces adds an interesting twist to the overall visual impact of the oak frame design. The first floor balcony jetties out to overlook the hall and is supported on substantial, extended floor joists. 

This is now an impressive oak framed family house with character galore and has always been a much loved project of ours.

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