Key facts

Engineer: Simpson Associates

Location: Oxfordshire

Oak frame: £15,000

Arch brace truss extension

The owners of this property wanted an extension full of character and they have certainly achieved that. This beautiful oak framed arch brace truss extension contains an open plan living dining room and an elegant and modern kitchen.

Project profile

Court Farm is a really interesting case study and goes to shows that actually we at Carpenter Oak & Woodland are pretty versatile to the needs and requests of our clients. This ‘extension’ actually isn’t a new extension at all. In fact it is an existing structure that required a new roof and refurbishment of the dining room, living room and kitchen. Internally the ‘extension’ has been completely refurbished including a brand new kitchen and the inclusion of skylights which brings a lot of additional light into the open plan living-kitchen-dining area.

About the frame

Four identical arch brace truss frames create this oak roof along with collars, wind braces and purlins. The arch brace truss frame lands onto an existing masonry on one side and a new steel beam on the other. The pitch of this roof is actually incredibly steep at over 45 degrees helping to bring height and space into the extension.

The frame, engineered by Simpson Associates was supply only and priced at £15,000.

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