Project Profile

Location: Aberdeenshire 

Frame: Sling brace truss

Timber: Oak

Oak framed house Scotland

If you’re going to have an oak framed house and want the frame to come into the living space, then sling braces trusses might well be a good choice.


This particular style of cross frame, the sling brace truss, is ideal if you want to bring the frame into the living space. Instead of sitting back on the wall or tight to the ceiling the long curves of the sling brace become part of the living environment and give a much greater feeling of living within the oak frame house. Customers sometimes raise fears about the potential intrusion of this frame style, but once they have been into a room where slings have been used they almost always fall for them. It is surprising how little they limit the way the room can be used or how furniture can be placed and actually make a spectacular feature in the timber framed house.

This Aberdeenshire timber frame house was made in our Scotland yard which is based at the  Loch of Lintrathen, Angus.

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