Eco timber frame home Scotland

A remote coastal location with a heavily sloping and a rocky plot of land sounds like the recipe for a construction disaster – but proved to be the site of a great architectural success. The building was designed to become part of the landscape without affecting it, carrying off a thoroughly modern design that blends in perfectly with its surroundings.


The site dictated that the building be long and narrow. Standing tall above the rocks it is designed to capture as much light as possible and provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The post and beam frame used green oak for its external timbers. The frame was bolted to the concrete bases, but other joints were mostly traditional mortise and tenon. Douglas fir was used for the internal parts of the build, with an oak feather edge board (chosen to become grey with age and blend in with the landscape) used to clad the exterior. The house is finished with a stainless steel roof that is both practical and beautiful.

The building is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. For example, the building uses cotton and hemp insulation, a woodburning stove is used to heat water and provide the underfloor heating, while a micro-turbine generates electricity.