Project Profile

Location: York

Frame: Sling brace truss

Timber: Oak

Architect: Native Architects

Sandburn Hall Golf Club

In building a new club house Sandburn Hall wanted to provide outstanding facilities for their members as well as increasing its value in the private hire market.


Designing buildings that ensure a strong return on investment whilst providing facilities that will attract members and private hire business is always a fine balance. By using a timber frame in the club house at Sandburn Hall the owners were able to provide the primary structure for the building and make a significant aesthetic contribution in one fell swoop. The oak sling brace trusses allow a large span to be covered, but by bringing the frame into the space they provide a sense of warmth and intimacy to what would otherwise have been a fairly utilitarian room. 

“The ambiance that the timber frame brings to the building makes a significant contribution to selling it into the private hire market. People who visit us to consider Sandburn Hall for conferences and weddings are always bowled over by the environment it creates”.

James Hogg

General Manager and Director at Sandburn Hall