Key facts

Architect: Calderpeel

Developer: Hillcrest Homes

Oak frame: £47,764

Traditional oak framed house

Surprisingly to some people this is a fully oak framed house in Knaresborough with a conventional brickwork exterior. It aptly demonstrates the flexibility of design when using a oak frame as the primary structure for the building.

Project profile

Owning a large riverside plot had a distinct advantage for the owners of a 1950’s house with a desire to build their dream oak framed home without moving too far. Build it in your back garden! And what a beautiful oak frame house they built.

This traditional oak framed house was built by Hillcrest Homes, designed by architects Calderpeel and oak frame by us, Carpenter Oak & Woodland. The building combines hand-made brick, stone and glass with the building’s oak frame to form a contemporary and stunningly beautiful home. Generous windows, framed with imposing oak beams, provide ample light to the luxurious open plan design.

This traditional oak framed house is located in a spacious south-facing garden, overlooked by the principal rooms. To the north, a landscaped entrance courtyard was created, with views through the house giving the visitor tantalising glimpses into the pool area and garden beyond.

Its brick and stone elevations are complemented by the use of a green oak frame. This traditional method of construction allows the large spans needed to create the open-plan living areas.

As is often the case with bespoke building designs, some of the detail required innovative thinking to ensure the integrity of the frame. One part of the frame, the mid-rail beam, was specified as using 375mm beams – which is unusually thick; in fact large enough that the normal shrinkage of green oak (a maximum of around 7%) could potentially be unacceptable. The solution for the affected beams was to create composite beams with a softwood core, covered by an oak fascia, which provided the desired aesthetic without the risk of shrinkage.

The traditional oak framed house has shallow pitched roofs with deep overhanging eaves. Large areas of glazing give the house a light, open feel.

The end result is a building of clean, confident design that fuses contemporary and traditional materials into a dramatic and luxurious living space.

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